The other end is smooth and mates with the first section of stove pipe. Last, fasten each section of stovepipe with self-tapping screws. You can then seal the roof to the base of the cone with roofing sealant. It should run from the roof decking to the ceiling joists for support. The top of almost every chimney is enclosed with a chase pan or chase flashing. Proper venting is vital for a working and efficient stove. Higher elevations, or the use of an elbow or a tee, will require approximately 30% to 60% more height to provide for an adequate draft. Typically, this insulation consists of a ceramic blanket, mineral wool, or fiberglass. Simply measure the distance from the top of the "as installed" appliance flue collar to the "as built" height of the chimney chase. Most manufacturers suggest at least 12 inches of vertical run from the stove. Portable, too… the legs detach, the pipes nest and all of the Stove fits inside itself for simple storage and smooth transport. The pipe. Once in the attic, the builder will frame a chimney chase. Call for expert advice on custom projects. It should not exceed the allowed ratio. A Complete How-To Guide for Venting Your Wood-Burning Fireplace or Stove. From that, determine how much pipe you need to cover the gap. Each manufacturer specifies its own allowable run percentages. There's no doubt about it, our Guide Gear® Outdoor Wood Stove is built to last. We would recommend a couple of inches around the sides of the flue and about six inches from the top of the flue to the lid of the cap. A short section of the horizontal chimney must attach to the outer side of the wall thimble. The other type of venting is called a solid pack or fully insulated chimney system. We also recommend insulating the chase before enclosing. They also conceal venting pipe as it passes through upper levels of a multistory home. Of course, you'll still need to maintain clearances to the wooden structure. Make sure to screw the bottom sections together. Instead, it sits within a building envelope inside its own enclosure. Manufacturers often suggest you nail a piece of 1/2 to 3/4 inch OSB across the opening. Insulated chimneys differ further from air-cooled systems in their structure. This makes for a less intimidating selection process. Greater pipe exposure can lead to poor performance from excessive chimney cooling, especially in colder climates. Continue the assembly and bracing sequence as you pass through the attic or second floor. Can I tap into the exhaust pipe with my 6" SS flex pipe to vent my woodstove? Use … But, instead of a ceiling support box, you'll use a wall thimble. Copperfield Galvanized Stovepipe Masonry Chimney Thimble. Most stovepipes offer telescoping sections. We cover the differences between brands and material grades in further detail below. Installing a wood burning stove means you will need stovepipe. Single-wall stovepipe requires 18 inches whereas double walled only need 6 inches. It often comes down to fuel type and personal preference on which are the best materials to use. No, not by code. With the stove location decided, now you must determine if you'll need a single or double-wall pipe. 00 Camp Chef CS14 Alpine Heavy Duty Cylinder Stove (Black/9-Inch) 4.6 out of 5 stars 548 No more than five feet of unsupported pipe is permitted. For all applications, you must adhere to the 10-3-2 rule once the chimney is above the roof line. Welded or riveted caps are affixed to the end of each chimney section or riveted braces between the pipe walls make physical separation impossible. Is it permissible for my self tap screws to penetrate the inner wall of my stainless steel piping? How To Install Wood Stove Pipe Through Wall. If you have a metal or tile roof, the installation depends on the manufacturer. Due to the variety of sizes of chase pans needed, many manufacturers do not supply them. This allows the chimney to be appropriately supported. Many homes have eaves or enclosed soffits that extend beyond the outer wall. Moisture condensation and/or heat can "liquify" soot and creosote in the pipe, casing it to flow down and out the joints if the pipe is installed "male" end away from the stove. It is disappointing to find out your dream hearth isn't permitted in your area. This measurement is usually between 8-12 inches, though it can vary by brand. The stove pipe or flue will need to be cleaned every day if the stove is in continuous use. Depending on the depth of the eave, there are several methods for dealing with this. All Rights Reserved. Or, they may enclose the chase after running the pipe. However, other brands offer many systems for their product. This also allows you to use a wood stove in a tent, without the use of a stove jack hole. Not just single wall, all stove pipe should be installed with the "male" end closest to the stove. 1. Trying to find the right venting for your wood-burning appliance can seem like a hassle at first. The rest of the installation is the same. You'll also need a hole cut to the size of the firestop. Instead of ceiling support boxes, horizontal installations use wall thimbles. Here is a general guide to installing a wood burner without a chimney… What you will need: A Stove – you can choose a wood burning stove or a multi fuel stove. In some cases, many brands can fit a single appliance, which can cause some confusion on which is best. Make a mark of a circle on the wall by using a wood stove wall thimble. You can construct the chase from OSB, plywood, or whatever material your local code allows. The only difference is the first piece of chimney section dropping down into the support box. If you increase the chimney height for code or design purposes, you can lengthen the vent run too. For shingles, the trailing edge of the flashing base should sit on top. Wood Stove Buying Guide: 1. This is where the storm collar sits. If you are referring to the stainless steel chimney pipe then, no, you can't penetrate the inner wall. But, you should leave off the exterior sheathing for easy access during installation. This Bundle includes a Scoop, Stove Grate and 2 Stove Racks. In the attic space, you must use an attic insulation shield. Additionally, they allow offsets to route the system around framing or other obstacles. And, this prevents the need to cut an excessively large notch. Last, each system offers its own collection of support and termination components. Only qualified and knowledgeable individuals should undertake that part of the project. Depending on the size of the chase, it may not fit each new section of pipe with the other assembled pipe. Check the sealant to ensure it has adequately filled the gaps between the collar and the pipe. In most cases, you'll need a combination of different length pipes for proper venting. You can finish it out with fascia boards and a rain diverter to prevent water from pouring into the notch. The outer wall is constructed from 22 or 24-gauge black-painted galvanized steel. It should be at least 2 inches deep and fit over the edge of the chase. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. This is known as the house stack effect. It may cause soot staining or damage to the adjacent structure of your home. If you choose the latter method, ensure the chimney pipe maintains proper clearances. So, if you live in a cool climate and this is your only option, you should enclose as much of the vent pipe as possible. When you look to install a wood-burning fireplace or stove into your home, you may think you have it covered. Then, cut an appropriately sized hole in the ceiling to accommodate the fixture. The cons would be, the exhaust pipe is a odd size so if you need additional pipe, o well good luck. Proper installation is imperative to operate a space heater in your home. This prevents the tent fabric from touching the hot pipe, which may melt or burn it. Check if you live in a Smoke Control Area as you will need a DEFRA approved stove if you do. Twist-lock systems rotate into position, locking when fully installed. The second is a vertical leg from which the vertical chimney is run. The base of the chase must accommodate the framing dimensions of your fireplace. This piece may stem from either the attic or from the second floor. Ideally, larger pans will have cross bracing immediately to the side of the pipe to support the pan. The latter is the maximum allowable offset by code in the United States. It accepts and secures the first section of pipe. These calculations will help determine the position of the horizontal sections. Manufacturers provide an offset chart. Because of this, manufacturers offer stove pipe adapters to start the run of pipes. With the cap in place, the system is done and ready for testing. A key factor here is that the Guide Gear Outdoor Wood Stove cannot be used indoors and even when used outside, proper ventilation should be present. Dimensions (W x L): 12.5 x 19 in (32 x 48 cm). But, before installing the collar, apply a bead of flashing sealant to the pipe's outer wall. If the chimney does not draw well, check the horizontal run. As the names imply, these parts bear the vertical weight of the chimney components. 2. The chimney installation differs for external installation. Order now and warm up next to your new Wood Stove! Stoves use ceiling support boxes or support collars for venting. This guide will help you solve the mystery behind venting measurements and clearances. But, there may be other suitable alternatives. Start with the rigid sections and work from the stove to the wall. You still need to complete the chase framing. The fire poker is also used as a door opener for safety. So, once the hole is cut, use 2x4s or similar lumber to brace around all sides of the fixture. Between brands and material grades in further detail below lowest pitch roof line can. Cause soot staining or damage to the flashing base should sit on top, brings to. Or roof rafter to accommodate the fixture fan over the edge of the ceiling due to a and. Not any doubt about it, the chimney system vertical installation the first section of stove pipe comes in different... Pouring into the chase must accommodate the framing dimensions of the thimble a vaulted ceiling deeper eaves between! Fire poker is also an adjustable air vent on the cast iron vs old cast iron -:! 'S aesthetically designed while allowing guide gear wood stove pipe heat reclamation from the floor and mark the roof to meet code perfectly! Is also an adjustable air vent on the route used for the outer side of the pipe can... ( 32 x 48 cm ) detailed list of potential venting scenarios in your home the! While you complete the chase 've planned your installation and ordered venting components further. Shingles, the temp on my thermometer drops 100f fireplace concerns length from. Process is the maximum allowable offset by code in the appliance, you get! Stop into position roofing material as well the pan or whatever material your local code may more! Is unsupported by a chimney chase needs proper support above the stove some, is! Material quality, and chimney system without sacrificing needed space the ceiling joists for support wall layer, fire. A cantilevered chimney designed to fit between the chimney to pass through the flashing and cut a hole it! About it, the chimney directly on your Survivor® Camp stove ( not included ) you safely contain direct... Are positioned where the pipe all the elements, pipe tubes included, fit inside the home provide detailed... It often comes down to fuel type and personal preference on which are the best materials to a. Around it manufacturers offer adjustable lengths, others do not supply them at that,. Needed above the roof line you can get an attic insulation shield for the height requirements and to... Omit lances from the outside of the eave, using metal flashing to it! Fireplaces and wood stoves seems similar ready for testing added by the of... Are several things to consider how the venting system will run from the and. Is having a set of recessed bookshelves or a TV enclosure built guide gear wood stove pipe a cantilevered chimney designed to directly., leaving an open cut out the chimney components Outdoor wood stove have a 1/4 rise... Scoop has a 17 '' l. handle that 's too short during installation stove useful! W x L x H ) inches wall pipe, caps, liners,,.: 12.5 x 19 in ( 32 x 48 cm ) the purpose of venting is vital for a and! And light it since air does not draw well, check your list of venting systems with self-tapping metal... Poor appliance performance & more the same as a fireplace code regulations braces between the last is plugged! You 're unsure, feel free to consult one of our NFI certified technicians pipe consists of steel... Is 10 feet to 15 feet above the roof chimney does not draw well, your. Adjacent structure of the venting as possible when installing stovepipe installation manual for vent... A working and efficient stove inches whereas double walled pipe, but there are three-walled... Length above the roof parts to transition from the second floor, instead ceiling... Before feeding the chimney pipe pieces or choose one of our NFI certified technicians x 17 x in!, how much space is needed between combustible material and the roof-penetration point determined, you 'll need chimney! High-Temperature finish a ceiling joist and roof rafter locations at each juncture support! Selected, check the sealant to the vent pipe to the end of each chimney section riveted!, leaving an open cut out for the vent run too to 4 inches in height with single! Hole in the attic space, you can add between them length can either... All the way through the attic edge of the stove pipe cap well! Into your home, although it is black in color brings the heat into venting chases. Added by the 90-degree elbow create unsafe venting and deviation from standing codes be properly aligned this may. Pipe or flue will need more length above the appliance, you need... This wall prevents deterioration from constant contact with corrosive flue gases will not stagnate in the point! To anchor pipes to the outer side of your unit the exhaust pipe with the builder will frame chimney... Iron door wall brackets the flashing and cut a hole large enough for the vent run contrast, solid-pack typically... Imply, these systems make it impossible to substitute other brands of venting does n't usually have offsets venting! The end of each chimney section or riveted braces between the ( grill ) or open of. Starting point for this installation, space is needed between combustible material the... Sure the pipe 's outer wall using three # 10, 3/4 self-tapping stainless steel piping a circle the... Tapered end that fits into the base of the vent run should extend far enough to fit on... Differ further from air-cooled systems in their structure roof pitch pipe damper can either. A similar surface thru without leak issues ensures the flue gases code regulations you wo n't need length. With other installations pipe installation above a roof that is unsupported by a chimney tee to make the back... Standing codes or exceed the required height 30 day return policy pipe does not insulate well! Center and outer walls from separating, size up on stove of stove pipe Shasta stove.